A Land Far Away

Someone on Kongregate chat asked who thought stars existed and I was like, "Stars are other planets whose lifeforms have evolved enough that they were able to create such powerful lights that we can see them from here on Earth." Then I was like, hey, that would make a good science fiction story.

Bim stared out his window to the shining world below. He let his gaze wander toward the tower in the distance, then quickly looked away. He did NOT want to think of his father right now. He turned and scanned the room. Hearing footsteps, he flopped down on his bed and stretched. There was a light tap on the door before it swung open. His mother's deep blue face popped in. "Supper's ready, Bim," She informed him. "What are we eating?" He asked.

"Gint with flin sauce, your favorite." Oh, no, he thought, Bad news. He hauled himself up and followed, his eyes fixed on the floor. 

Supper began silently. "Where's dad," Bim asked. "He won't be here until late." "Oh." They were both silent for a long moment. "So, what's the bad news?" Bim asked suddenly. "What on Motamm makes you think there's bad news? Can't a mother fix her son his favorite meal without a catch?" His mother responded.

They were silent for another moment, before Bim suddenly said, "I never said anything about the food." His mother winced. She had given herself away. She sighed. "Your father...isn't...coming...home," She said, with some difficulty. Bim wasn't surprised. He had seen it coming, known it would happen soon. He'd avoided his father, talking to his father, interacting with his father, even thinking about his father since he'd figured it out. There was one thing he hadn't known, though.

"He's been transferred and wanted us to stay here."

"Transferred where?" Was, of course, Bim's first question. His mother didn't answer at first. "Where, Mother?" Bim asked again. She still didn't answer. Bim looked closer at her and noticed she wasn't really eating--only pretending.

"Where was he transferred?" He asked once more, hating the note of fear in his voice. "Stilarr," She mumbled. "What?" "Stilarr," She said again, louder, with a quiver in her voice. She didn't like it any more that he did.

"But-but-but- that's thousands of fimpars away! Tens of thousands, hundreds! He can't be transferred all that way!"

"His research abilities were needed there right away. He left a couple of hont ago." Bim was devastated. How could his father leave them? And without telling him! Bim felt injured. Why did his father have to be a researcher? Why? They were always travelling and never got to settle for very long. They rarely married and had children, because they'd always have to pick up and move. 

Bim looked at the picture of their family. His mother's deep blue features next to his father's almost white ones. They didn't fit in on this planet. Here, all the people were green, and most of them produced their food within their own bodies. In the picture, he was three years old, on his own planet. He would have been only one, here. Years differed between planets, and it confused him. When the picture was taken, he had darker skin that he did now. His mothers deep brown eyes contrasted with his father's icy blue eyes, and his own bright green eyes. He still didn't know where his eye color had come from.

If he's going to fool around on Stilarr, thought Bim, then I'm going to fool around right here. I'll do something to MAKE him come home...

The End

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