A Lamentation for Philadelphia

A disappointed vent of how my home city and it's school district fell apart.

A city of gold let these works sweep it over with grime, grit, and dust

A city once streamed with light and ambition

Soon became land for the sons of perdition

A city founded on free-flowing dreams

Obedient to the Source of it's glory

Humble yet progressive

Blazing with authority in once a great nation


Became a city humbled to dust 

Pride only remains in the hearts of the vain

Though the fight can't be stifled 

Our souls for this city

A partnership of force, the contents of it's success

That left the air bitter with a forfeited honor

Death is the fruit of our passive transgression

And life which once fueled an empire of freedom

Suffocates on the exhale of time and is never spared a chance of revival.

The End

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