Chapter Eighteen

I am Day, and I am alive. I think. 

These were the only words Day could remember. Everything else was just cold, so very, very cold.  And dark. Yes, Day only knew the cold, the dark, and the fear. 

The fear, it delved into her blood.  Each heart beat pushed it further and further into her extremities, until, like passengers on an overcrowded train, the fear got off onto every stop, and seized control of every nerve ending - effectively paralyzing her.  Her body was on shut down, and all she could do was watch as the darkness spread throughout her limbs to her organs, following her veins like the tracks in the tunnel networks of a dark subway station.  Last stop, her Heart. That's the end of the line.  Boom.  Game over. 

There wasn't much time left. She could feel it, even if she didn't know how long she had been trapped like this. It wasn't like she could just look at a watch.  Instead,  to pass the time and stay calm, Day would sometimes count her heartbeats. She knew there were eighty beats per minute, on average. That was 4,800 beats per hour.  There are twenty-four hours in a day, so a little over 115 thousand beats per day. But she would lose count after about two thousand. Surely she had been here (using the term loosely, as Here didn't seem to be anywhere) for longer than a few hours. It's felt like eons have passed. 

And so will eons more.

The End

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