Chapter Fourteen

It hadn't been easy getting away from the others.  As they were being called back to their master, it had taken tearing himself apart, literally, so the others wouldn't notice he had gone.  He didn't know of any other shadows that could split themselves apart, but he had been working on it for some time now.  It was useful, being in two places at once; but it still took some getting used to.  

He could sense and perceive everything from his present location, but there were also the whispers of his brethren constantly buzzing in his head.  Even though they thought he was with them, doing this was still extremely dangerous.  If he happened upon any other shadows, he might not notice their added whispers to the hum of his lesser self.  

He knew what he was doing was foolish and in the end it might not even be worth it.  In spite of his better judgment, though, he was going to do it anyway.  He couldn't say what was driving him to this, but he knew that he couldn't fight it either.  

It wasn't difficult to figure out where they would go...  he was surprised the other shadows hadn't thought of it already...  He remembered well the little village hidden away in the forest, easy to find only for those who knew its location already.  He noticed that fewer candles and torches lit the windows and pathways tonight.  They had clearly noticed the shadows' absence in the last months. 

Like his actual form, his emotions too were divided.  His darker self, the part of him that enjoyed reaping fear into the cores of these men and women, hoped stiffly that the villagers were not growing too bold or too liberal with their rebellious nature.  He thought briefly about returning at once to suggest to his brothers that they should not neglect the putrid rebels for too long, lest they find their courage again. 

But his other half, the curiosity and the fascination with which he regarded these humans, bested him, and he felt a twinge of pride.  Or was it admiration? He had witnessed, and indeed even inflicted the pain and suffering that they had endured for so long, and still they fought tooth and nail against the darkness that was slowly consuming them, still they just kept going.

The End

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