Chapter Eight

After the light died out, he and his brethren melted through the glass, following the girl into the hallway, surging around her like a black tidal wave.  She reached out her hands but found nothing except empty shadows.  She stumbled forward, and the shadows, as one, encircled her in their grasp.  His mind was momentarily caught off guard by the smell of her skin, tainted for the first time by the sort of fear he had come to know only too well back home.  Her scent was thrilling and he enjoyed it in a way that he hated himself for.  He told himself it wasn't his fault, that he was created this way and he couldn't change, but it did nothing to lessen his guilt.  He found himself face to face with her again, could hear her pleading now. 

"What do you want from me?  Please, leave me be.  I haven't done anything.  Please! Please!"  His shadowy heart ached, and he suddenly wanted only to get away from her and her sobs.  But what could he do?  If he ran, the others would find him.  There was no way to hide, not from them.  

If shadows could breathe he would have sighed then, feeling so overcome with resignation.  He swallowed his objections and did the only thing he knew to do.  

As one, he and his shadow brothers pressed in closer, until they were all touching her.  Bringing someone back like this was always more difficult than to just travel alone, but orders were orders, and shadows never disobeyed.  


The End

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