Chapter Seven

He watched with the others from the other side of the window as the girl stood up and stretched.  It was curious how she moved in this world, no fear or worry--or at least, not the kind of fear like back home.  But this girl was something else entirely.  Everyone in this world was.  He'd never admit it, not even if it was safe... but he was fascinated by her.  She didn't just survive the day, she lived it.  He'd never seen anyone like her.  It was cruel that he knew what would happen tonight, and even more so that he had a part to play in it, but there was nothing he could do, not without jeopardizing his own life.  He was many things, many dangerous things, but he was no hero.  Heroes died too suddenly, and dying was the last thing he intended to do, literally.  So he ignored the part of him that wanted to stop it all and save her.  He ignored the part of him that was sorry for her, and most importantly, he ignored the part of himself that he hated the most.

And so he watched, face pressed against the glass on the other side of the window, ignoring the parts of himself that would get him killed.  He steadied his heartbeat as she came to the window and stared directly into his eyes, probably trying to see the stars that they were smothering. He held his breath as she cupped her face to the window, peering into his essence and not finding anything.  How that thought burned him.  He was a shadow... the only thing she'd be able to see inside him was the darkness that lived in every shadow.  He watched in silent distaste as his brethren played with the shadow moth, luring the kitten to the lamp.  Their plan worked more than perfectly as the lamp fell.  The girl hurried to right it, but she was too slow.  As the light flickered away, the shadow moth melted back into the darkness.

It was time.

The End

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