A Kitsune's TearsMature

Kei, a kitsune and Ayame, a beautiful human priestess, are torn apart tragically. Three hundred years pass and Kei awakens from deep sleep to find his lost love's reincarnation in modern Tokyo. Will Kei find love again or will history repeat itself?


Edo 1710

“Ayame, run!” Kei shouted as the village burned around them. “Run away before Tatsuya comes back!” The cacophony crescendoed as villagers ran screaming from their burning homes and chaos ensued. The light of the flames reflected in Kei's eyes which had turned a golden brown color. His three tails twitched and swished anxiously, his fox ears pricking up at the slightest sound. Ayame stood her ground, an arrow nocked and ready. She shook her head, long hair a smoky tail that swirled around her waist. The miko wore the traditional shrine garb: a pair of red hakama and white haori. Soot from the fires streaked her cheeks and hands.

“I'm staying with you. Tetsuya must be stopped.”

He stood up from his feral crouch. "I will take care of Tetsuya. You must-” His words were cut off as her mouth descended upon his. The kiss was bruising yet tender,  joyous but sad. It was her duty as a priestess to protect the village from evil spirits and demons, even if it meant her death.

A bestial snarl loud as thunder shook the buildings to their very foundations, instantly collapsing some of them in the process. Ayame paled but remained ready while Kei went outside to face the giant demon fox.

Tatsuya was in full demon fox form, his long teeth stained scarlet with the blood of the innocent. His eyes were a brilliant ruby blazing in hatred and anger. Three tails thrashed against the ground, his silver fur gleaming in the moonlight. “Come with me, Ayame. This is your only chance to keep living!” the demon yowled, stretching out a huge clawed paw in expectation. Kei leaped and tackled the monster to the ground, the two of them biting and clawing each other like wild animals. They struggled and flailed, slamming into the earth and smashing into smoking structures. Tatsuya clenched a burning spike of wood and savagely struck. Kei hissed and fought back, yanking the spike from the demon fox's grip and lashing out. It was Tetsuya's turn to howl with pain as the spike caught him full in the face, momentarily blinding him.

Bleeding from over a dozen wounds, and his right arm broken from colliding into a fallen wall, Kei prepared to deliver the death blow when a glowing arrow flew past him and thudded into Tatsuya's chest. The demon fox screamed in pure agony, reverting to humanoid form as he tried to pull the still glowing arrow out of his chest. Ayame joined the battling kitsunes outside, a killing arrow aimed at the demon. “You foolish bitch!” Tetsuya shrieked, bashing Kei aside like a rag doll and lunging at the miko in a blur of inhuman speed. Kei could only watch in slow motion as Tetsuya fluidly shifted back into fox form, the arrow ripping with sprays of crimson from his chest and solidly impaling Ayame through her heart.

“NOOOOOO!” Kei wailed. The world-hisworld- had frozen to final moments. Tatsuya laughed in triumph as his fox-brother gently took the priestess into his arms. “Ayame...”

Ayame touched a pale hand to her lover's face. “Kei.” She shook and coughed up a gout of blood. The darkness was icily closing in but she had done her duty. Spirits from the other side were beginning to sing to her softly, calling her name, calling for her to join them.

She knew she was dying.

Floating on a bed of golden light like fading candle flames, she managed a wan smile and held his hand, bloodying his skin. “Aishiteru, Kei.”

Hot tears spilled down his face and fell onto their entwined hands. “Aishiteru, Ayame.” With a final sigh of breath, her eyes closed and she died in his arms. “N-no! Don't go!DON'T GO!!”  Violent sobs racked his body as his heart shattered into a thousand yawning black pieces. “Why, Tetsuya? Why did you kill her?” His haunted gaze lifted from her face to the other demon fox's cold mien.

“She wouldn't be mine,” came the brief reply. Tetsuya regarded Ayame's body nonchalantly. “She deserved to die, you know.” With this glacial statement, he turned into a fox and melted into the darkness.

Rain began to fall, dousing the fires in the village. People began to form a knot around Kei and Ayame, several women and children crying. An elder priest approached as he lay the dead miko onto the ground. Turning away from the growing crowd, Kei walked towards the depths of the temple, never to be seen or heard from again.

The End

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