Brain Freeze

Marissa and Zoe were only waiting on the step for a couple of minutes before the door was opened. On the other side stood a tall blonde haired man and his wife, they both had ocean blue eyes. Marissa looked at the wife first, she was smaller then her husband. Her hair was set in ringlets, kind of the way Marissa’s was, her face was kind and she was wearing a sweet smile. "Hello, I'm Zoe and this is my daughter Marissa. We live over the road and would like to be the first to welcome you to the neighbourhood.” Zoe said nudging Marissa with her elbow "Hello um I'm Marissa." Marissa said smiling at them. "Well it’s certainly nice of you to come and greet us. I'm Steve and this is my wife Linda. We're the Harlows." Steve said with a strange accent. Zoe nodded "Well its certainly nice to meet you Steve and Linda. I've baked an Apple Pie as a welcome gift." She held out the plate with the pie on which Mrs Harlow took from her saying "Oh thank you very much." She disappeared into the house and Steve asked "Would you like to come in, we've almost finished unpacking, we only have the upstairs to do." Marissa looked at Zoe "Mom I can't I have things that I have to do." She looked back at Steve "I'm sorry Mr Harlow but I have homework that I need to do." Steve laughed "Its ok, you know were your mother is if you need her." Marissa nodded, said "Goodbye" to Mr Harlow, "See you later" to Zoe and headed back over to her house.

She had just started her Science homework which she had received before that days disastrous experiment when there was a knock on the door. Thinking it could be Stacy coming to ask about the new neighbours or her Russian homework, Marissa walked to the door smiling to herself. But when she opened it, it wasn't Stacy who was standing on the step but the lad that she had seen that least she thought it was him. "Um hello? What can I do for you?" she asked eyeing the lad carefully. He shuffled his feet nervously then said "Hi are you Marissa?" Marissa nodded "I am she." The lad smiled "Hi, I'm Gary...Gary Harlow. I've just moved over the road with my mum and dad." Marissa smiled "Oh hello. I'm sorry I thought you were my friend Stacy." Gary laughed "I'm sorry to disappoint you then." Marissa giggled "Its ok, she would have only wanted help with her Russian home work anyway." They stood in silence for a moment then Marissa asked "Would you like to come in?" Gary shrugged "Your mum said you were doing homework." Marissa nodded "I was but then you knocked." Gary grinned "Well...ok then." Marissa moved out of the way to Gary walk through the door before closing it.

Marissa led Gary into the living room were she had been doing her homework. "Wow this is nice." Gary said as he gazed around the room. Marissa laughed "Thanks." She shuffled her paper into a pile and closed her folder. "So what lessons do you take then?" Gary asked watching her. "Um, Science, Sports, Russian, Psychology and History." He nodded “Are you going to college or do you work?” Marissa asked him. Thinking for a moment Gary pouted. “College, that’s one of the things I wanted to speak to you about.” He took a breath, Marissa watched as his beautiful eyes flickered to and from her face. “Ask way then.” she said smiling. “Well I’ve already picked my subjects, I start them tomorrow. So I was hoping if I could walk to college with you in the morning…if your not walking with anyone, I don’t want to get in the way.” Marissa laughed “If you can handle my friend Stacy flirting with you then your welcome to walk with me.” Gary laughed “As long as she doesn’t try to kiss me then that will be fine.” Marissa giggled “So what subjects are you taking?”

They sat on the couch in silence, and then Gary said “Music, Sports, Spanish and History.” They spent an hour talking, “So where are you from?” Marissa asked curiously “I don’t recognise your accent.”  Gary chuckled “I’m from England, this is a Cheshire accent.”  Marissa smiled “Why did you move over here from England?” Gary shrugged “My Dad got a promotion so he would have to live over here for six months of the year. My mum wasn’t happy about that, she said that she would much rather move over here then be away from him.” He looked at the clock on the wall which read 9:30, it gave Marissa a little time to get over the slight bout of brain freeze. “Well I best get going, I’m going to need an early night.” Marissa nodded “Okay then Gary, it was really nice meet you.” Gary smiled “Yeah it was nice to meet you as well Marissa.” They stood staring at each other for a moment then Marissa said “Well I’ll knock for you tomorrow morning if you want.” Gary nodded “That would be great.” He smiled as he walked to the door with Marissa following. “Well goodnight Marissa.” Gary said. Marissa smiled “Goodnight Gary.”  She watched as he walked down the garden and back over the road. She closed the door and fell against the frame. “Oh my god.” She breathed with a smile, she knew it was quite possible that she was in love… with Gary.

The End

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