The Newcomer

Marissa woke next day to the sun shining through the gap in her curtains. "Oh great here’s the sun.”  she said with a smile as she hopped out bed and stretched.  She got dressed and headed down to the kitchen where she found her mother Zoe and Libby sitting at the breakfast table. "Morning Marissa." Zoe said with a smile at her daughter. "Morning mum, morning Libby. Marissa said as she opened the cupboard and begun to prepare her breakfast. "Did you sleep well?" she asked. Libby chuckled "I had a brilliant sleep last night thanks." Marissa smiled at her sister as she sat down at the table "Well that's something at least. God help us all if you ever have a bad nights sleep." Libby tapped her playfully on the back of the head grinning. "Oi you cheeky monkey." Marissa laughed as she ate her breakfast, her eyes planted on the TV in the corner of the kitchen.

Five minutes later Marissa had packed her school bag, kissed her mother goodbye and left the house for school. She found Libby on the front talking to Stacy, she spotted a van over the road with a load of furniture in the back. "I'll see you after school Libs." she said hugging her sister. "Okay Marissa honey, be careful." Marissa rolled her eyes "Honestly Libby, its not me you have to worry about." Stacy giggled as Libby nodded "Yeah I know but you know, you can never be too careful." Stacy tugged on Marissa's arm "Come on you. We need to get going." She led her friend down path, out the gate and up the road. "Stacy, we're not going to be late you know. I wanted to ask Libby about that van that's parked outside the Peterson's old place." Stacy chuckled "I bet you did. Well they looked like they were moving in to me Marissa. Anyway you can find out later, no doubt your mom will want to introduce you." Marissa silently agreed with her, she knew of course that she would be the only one that her mother could force to meet the new neighbours because Libby had a lovely habit of disappearing at times like this.

“Do you think that they have any kids?” Marissa asked as she and Stacy walked through the college gates. “Who?” Stacy asked flicking her hair around. “Those people moving over the road from me. Do you think they’ve got kids?” Stacy eyed her suspiciously “Why?” Marissa shrugged “I don’t know, just curious that’s all. Stacy grinned “Yeah sure you are. Well I don’t know if they do but you’ll be able to tell me when you meet them later.” Then she giggled “Oh my god, there Grant Simms. He's so cute and so funny.” Marissa followed her friends gaze over to a tall black haired lad who was standing with his friends. “Seriously Stacy, do you have to?” Marissa said grabbing her by the arm. “Oh come on Marissa you can’t say that he isn’t cute.” Marissa sighed “Okay you right he’s cute and…quite tall but seriously we’re going to be late for Sport.” They headed off for the girls changing room in the gym.

Sports was ok, Marissa and Stacy had managed to win at least one game of Badminton. “Well that could have been worse.” Stacy said happily as she and Marissa walked to Science. “I suppose so, I mean it was great that we won that game. Even if it was just one.” Marissa said. Science was a disaster…partly. Dave Kelly had managed to nearly set fire to the class room. “That had to be the worst lesson ever.” Stacy grumbled “I was looking forward to finishing that experiment, Dave Kelly is such an idiot. I swear he is going to fail everything…but he is cute.” Marissa rolled her eyes “I agree with you, he is an idiot. And yeah his is cute but that’s no excuse.” The weather was warm, the sun was shining and a slight breeze ruffled the tree leaves. “Hmm I love the weather was warm, the sun was shining and a slight breeze ruffled the tree leaves. “Hmm I love the weather, it’s beautiful." Marissa said smiling. Then Stacy giggled “Oh yeah I've planned something for you birthday.” Marissa groaned “Oh Stacy you didn’t have to. I’d be a happy with just a little something or just a card. Please Stacy don’t go mad.” she begged. Stacy laughed “Oh don’t worry honey I won’t go to mad.” They headed down the road towards Marissa’s street.

Marissa said goodbye to Stacy, she watched as her friend walked round the corner then she saw him. He was tall with short blonde hair, from what she could see he was really good looking. She turned to face the front door with a small smile on her face, she wondered how old he was she hoped that he was her age. "Hello darling how was college?" Zoe asked as Marissa placed her bag down in the living room."It was okay thanks mom. Dave Kelly nearly burned the college down in Science. Mom what are you cooking?" Marissa sniffed the air interestedly. "Apple pie for the new neighbours, I thought we could go over and greet them." Zoe said smiling. "Where's Libby?" Marissa asked raising an eyebrow. “Oh she’s busy, so it’ll be just me and you.” Zoe said still smiling. She took the Apple Pie out of the oven and put it on a plate. “Well lets go.” Zoe said to Marissa. They walked out the house, over the road the old Peterson  place and knocked on the door…

The End

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