A Kiss from a Rose

Marissa Barns is a normal nineteen year old college student from Bangor Maine. She just wants to get through her exams and get a place picked out for University like her friends. But her world is soon turned upside down when she meets Gary, the man of her dreams.

Chapter 1: Beginnings

Marissa hated the rain, it was even worse when she had Sports. Her teacher would always make them do at least fifty laps around the grounds before even starting the lesson. "I hate this lesson so much." Marissa grumbled to her friend Stacy, wrapping her arms across her body for warmth. "I'm sure Mrs Stuart gets kicks out of watching us freeze to death." Stacy laughed "No I think she loves to hear you moan." Marissa shook her head, while Stacy continued to laugh at her. "Anyway it could be worse." she said before lowering her voice "She could make us do Sports in front of the boys. Imagine it, I mean white shirts and the rain don't really mix do they?" Marissa rolled her eyes "Bet you'd love the attension." Stacy giggled before bouncing over to where Mrs Stuart stood surrounded by the rest of the class.

"That had to be the most boring day ever." Stacy yawned as her and Marissa walked out of the front gates at the end of the day. Marissa nodded "Yeah I know. But seriously Stacy do you have to drool over every guy you walk past in the corridor?" Stacy sighed "Oh come on you can't say that some of the guys that go to our college aren't cute. Or that one doesn't grab your attension." Marissa shook her head "I'm not interested in any of them." Stacy sighed again "You seriously need to open your eyes babe. I mean just because you haven't noticed them doesn't mean they haven't noticed you." Marissa ignored her, she knew what she was going to tell her. Stacy was forever telling her that she was beautiful and that any guy in their right mind would ask her out. If that was true then why hadn't someone asked her out? Why was she still single while Stacy had a new boyfriend every week? Was it foolish of her to wait for Mr Right? "Honestly Marissa honey, you have to live a little. There's nothing wrong with looking for Mr Right but you have to have fun while your waiting." Marissa smiled, she knew she could always trust Stacy's advice even if it was a little off sometimes.

That evening Marissa sat with her older sister Libby while she did her Psychology homework. "Um Libby?" Marissa spoke into the silence. "Hmm" Libby hummed looking up from her crossword. Marissa toyed with the question for a moment then asked "Do you think that I need to notice guys a little more?" Libby blinked at her, her blue eyes sparkling in the light. "What would make  you say that?" she asked. Marissa gazed back down at her homework and mumbled "I've been told that some of the guys at college have been interested in me." She looked back up at her sister "But I haven't noticed. Do you think I should have a little fun while I wait for that perfect guy?" Libby smiled at her "Have you been listening to Stacy again?" she asked and Marissa nodded. "Marissa, you do need to loosen up a bit but that comes with time. Yeah you do need to take notice but guys do like it when you keep them guessing a little." Marissa smiled, she loved Libby so much even if she could be a cheeky sod sometimes. "Thanks Libby, I'm gonna go to bed." Marissa said standing up. "Okay then sweety pie, sweet dreams." Libby said before kissing her little sister on the forehead and giving her a hug.

Five minutes later Marissa was looking at her reflection in the mirror, her auburn ringlets hung loose over her shoulders, her blue eyes sparkled in the light. Her skin was a soft olive colour which in the right weather turned golden brown. Her cheeks where a pale pink colour and her lips were a deep rose red making her look like she wore perminant lipstick. "Hmm maybe Stacy and Libby are right." she murmured to herself before turning the light off and climbing into bed. She sighed as the blanket of sleep rolled over her, she final hope before she fell into a deep dream filled sleep was that tomorrow was a better day then yesterday.

The End

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