A King to Reign in the Palace of Light (provisional title)Mature

Princess Emerald has been summoned to the Palace of Light to choose the next High King of Emriqa. The choice is between two young men - each a member one of the two families of the Palace: the Solays and the Phases. Her choice could affect the future of the peace of the country. But will her heart rule over her head and will she make the wrong decision?



In ancient days, the people of the land that is today known as Emriqa were devoted worshippers of the Sun and the Moon, the former for its enablement of Life and the latter for the safety it brings in the night and its supreme loveliness. One year, when Emriqa was but a newly-formed nation, four meteors came down from the sky: two by day and two by night. Each was a vessel which no man could comprehend and the occupants of each were a representative of a Light-Form. From the alien capsules emerged, resembling men in all but their strange beauty, Aurélius man of the Sun, Astra woman twin of the Stars, Galaxus male twin of the Stars and Luna woman of the Moon, their names discovered due to the fact that the four spoke in the same tongue as the inhabitants of Emriqa.

The peoples of Emriqa realised the importance of the four supernatural strangers and constructed a suitable dwelling place for them: the Palace of Light, whose glory has not faded over time.

Soon after the arrival of Aurélius, Astra, Galaxus and Luna, the leaders of the people of Emriqa convened with the divine representatives. Noting Luna’s wisdom and Aurélius’ bravery and sense of duty, made them Queen and King of the land.

Now, Luna was carrying the child of Galaxus Star Twin while Aurélius was the father of the child in the womb of Astra Star Twin. On the same day six months after the crowning of Luna and Aurélius, two children were born: Luna’s son Richard of the Moon and Aurélius’ daughter Rélia of the Sun. Not knowing which child should succeed the King and Queen - for it was feared that two cousins ruling at the same time would create internal conflict in the Palace of Light - the King decreed that every thirty years the gender of the ruler should alternate, thus preventing a favouritism of one or the other. The next ruler of Emriqa was Queen Rélia, as she was deemed most suitable of the King’s and Queen’s daughters.

Aurélius, Luna and their successor Rélia were successful rulers, shown by the fact their subjects felt a satisfaction which had never been equalled or surpassed in the short history of the nation. Crime rates were at their lowest, misery and anger seemed to have been suppressed by the arrival of the divine representatives, and the word conflict almost left the vocabulary from its lack of usefulness in a world of such happiness.

One year, the time came for Aurélius, Astra, Luna and Galaxus to depart from the world. The people despaired, until the divine representatives reminded them that their wonderful children were remaining behind. One by one, the four grew a pair of magnificent white wings and flew high into the sky, declaring that, although their descendants would appear to die like mortal men, the same realm awaited them as the one to which the divine representatives were going now. There was a flash of blinding purple light (hailed as a good omen, purple being a significant colour in this age), crimson rose petals rained from the heavens and The Four - as they have come to be known in more recent times - were never seen again.

Their legacy continues, however, as the land of Emriqa continues to be governed by the members of the Royal Families (‘Phase’ and ‘Solay’) in the Palace of Light. 

The End

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