A kind of wonderland.Mature

This is very sketchy, and a lot of the ideas are nicked. You'll have to bear with me please.

Enveloped in a haze she turns, laughing over her shoulder and dispelling some of the murky grey smoke of the bonfire with her brilliant golden hair, which tumbles down her back in loose waves. She is answering a question, okay, but only because everyone else is doing one again. She takes her beautiful hair in a small hand and holds it up behind her as she bends down, taking the straw offered to her by a maniacally smiling and scruffy young man. A while later she sits back up again, shaking her head, and laughing at the next boy who seems new to this and is twitching his nose irritably. She ruffles his almost albino-like white blonde hair and then smiles round at their circle. Later she will have a disturbed sleep and a thirst, an uncontrollable thirst, a need, for more of this later, but for now she is content- of course she is, that's how they all say they feel at first. But later she will toss and turn, haunted by the words

eat me, drink me. eat me. drink me.

The End

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