The Plan

Rowan fussed over me as we moved through the forest canopy back home.

Leave me alone” I hissed, as he checked over my face for the third time.

That was too close sister, and you know it” He said. Very unhappy about the danger I had been in just minutes ago.

That human wouldn't have touched me, I was in control” I replied, knowing annoyance edged my tone.

Really? Is that why you have this?” Rowan said, lifting my arm to show the bruise he'd given me.

It's hardly a war wound, if I had been given more time I would've finished him” I defended, looking away from his face.

If you say so” He said, knowing I had already been pushed too far by his observations.

It wasn't long after that we arrived home. Everyone went off to their own houses to see their wives and children. And the few we had lost were taken to be mourned and buried.

Me and Rowan headed to the central hut, I could see my father glaring at us.

Hello father” I said as I walked in and sat down, knowing what was coming.

How dare you! Are you insane? Sneaking into the army without me knowing is just, just plain stupid” Father yelled, then taking notice of Rowan, “And you, you should've stopped her!”.

We all know stopped Zula is next to impossible, I figured it was better to go with and protect her than leave her on her own” Rowan said as he put away his bow and the arrows he had left.

I see their back now” My mother's said, emerging from downstairs.

Have you told them of the plan we all agreed might help us?” Mother said, directing the question to father.

I didn't agree with it” He pouted, which made mother sigh.

Zula, your to stay here until you reach your twentieth birthday” I made to protest, but she beat me, “Where you will be disguised as a human and infiltrate their base of operations, you will use your empathy to learn about how their mind's operate, and to learn their language. You will also use the connection you share with Rowan to warn us of any incoming attacks” She finished. I stood there staring at her for a few seconds.

Wait, you mean I have to just sit there and not hurt humans?” I asked

Daughter, this information you would gather as a spy would be instrumental in us beating this foe. So please, just wait here for two months, it won;t be long now till those powers of yours appear”

I knew what she was saying was true, and holding in a sigh, I agreed to do as she asked.

I wonder if I would see the human I had attacked and let live. 

The End

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