Crossed Paths

“Keep running!” I yelled with rage as the cat fled. Pouncing me to the ground and digging its claws into me. She may not have looked like much but she had some power in those legs. It looked as though our assault was successful and the battle was at hand. The cats were retreating and we were flooding in. They had a HQ around here somewhere, and by the looks of the resistance they had put up across our lines, it was a big one. I turned to look behind me and noticed the amount of casualties we had sustained. There archers are devastating to our ground troops, that’s why we hardly ever leave our carriers. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Time to mount up, re arm, resupply and prepare. They often put in counter attacks to reclaim their land. That night, all I could think about was the cat that was on top of me before. The courage it possessed and the power it displayed. She must have been some one of some importance. Usually the stronger Cats come from the best blood line and gene pool, that’s how the tribal elders are decided. For that moment in time we had a distinct connection, warrior to warrior.
The End

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