First Confrontation

We burst out of the wooden shelter as one, they may have strange weapons that threw hard fire at us, but we had savage claws and teeth and behind me I could sense my twin Rowan aiming with his bow. Without a doubt we were a deadly combination. We shared a psychic connection that allowed us to see through each others eyes and sense if were in danger. If a human tried to sneak up on me he would take care of them, and I would destroy those in front. The motions of killing a human were second nature to me by now. I leapt onto my next target, a young man, I seemed to have severely underestimated this one though as he threw me off. I snarled at him and lunged, digging my claws into his shoulder. He gritted his teeth against the pain and tried to push me off to no result. I saw the spark of an idea cross his blue eyes. Then he threw his weight on my right arm, I let out a yowl and lost my concentration, it was enough for him to reverse our positions, so he was the one pinning me to the floor. Our ears had a much higher sensitivity than the humans, so only I heard the alarm that said to retreat. Obviously we had dulled their numbers enough.

Get out of there!

Rowan yelled, a flaming arrow arched over me and the human, hitting another man in the lower leg. The man on me yelled to him, though I had no way to understand his foreign tongue. I took advantage and hit him in the gut, reversing our positions yet again, I hissed “You got lucky” in my own language and raced back into the forests protection. My silver and black hair whipping in the wind as I did.

The End

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