Survival of the Fittest.....

“Move up the MG!.” Chaos ensued as the assault began. We were tactical, cold, calculated and we were good at it. five years we spent preparing, Honing our skills. Ready to keep our species alive. We were fighting for a cause, survival of the human race. Cant get a better reason to fight than for that right ?. My name is Cpt. James Milner, although back then I was a lowly private. I earned my promotion for the great things that I had done…. Great things, yeah right. It was my job to be a second gunner on our convoy. My orders were to shoot to kill any Cats that we saw, we were the United Nations of Earth’s Shock troops. More commonly known as the UNoE. Move in fast and hard and send the enemy into disarray. “Cats” as they are known (because of the distinctive tails) were our enemy. They were deemed a threat to Earth and its populace and so we had to eradicate them. The resources they possess was just a bonus for home. However they initially proved much more organized and disciplined than we had planned on. We simply wanted to learn from this new race and grow. But tensions rose. They are only tribal inhabitants and although they are organized, a lack of communication between tribes prevents a mass resistance. At least we thought, until our column was hit.
The End

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