A Just Cause

A little story me and Pilko thought up :)

My body was lithe as a leaf as I sprinted through the undergrowth. The silent alarms went off a few seconds ago, signalling a breech. Humans were trying to make more space for themselves. They had supposedly lost – more like destroyed we decided - their own world and come here. At first my kind didn't mind, but then they started attacking the forests and digging underground. We tried to reason with them, tell them it was unneeded, that this world would provide without them being so aggressive. But they didn't listen. Now there was constant tension between our kinds. They didn't understand or share the connection we had with the earth. It was this connection that allowed chosen few gifts. My mother and grandmother before had been empaths. It was predicted I would become one when I became a fully-fledged adult in a few months.

I climbed up the twisting and slanted treetops of our world and crawled over them to the edge of the forests. I could sense through the dark bark of the tree that there was other like me all around, we were waiting for the humans. What they were going to do this time. Would they really venture into war territory, or would they change?

My name's Zuluma of the Adner clan, our kind are the dominate species on this planets, and the humans were becoming a very unwelcome parasite, infecting and destroying our world. I was mere months from my twentieth birthday when those of my clan would consider me a adult. I'm a trained warrior despite my dad's protest's against it. I'm also the youngest out of six siblings and the only princess.

The End

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