A Journey Begins

This I just a short story start I've recently written. I just want to see what people think.

I will never forget the day i walked along the muddy path, the day i began the journey to my destiny...

It was a beautiful morning. I watched as the sun rose from the depths of the brilliant blue ocean it's rays dancing like flames on the surface. There was a light fog in the air that morning and that mixed with the rising of the sun created an image I would never forget. Streamlets of smoke seeped from the chimneys of the dwellings before me. Gentle wafts of freshly-made bread tingled my nose. The melodies of birds were alive in my ears.

I didn't want to leave.

I felt the tears trickle down my cheeks but I let them come. For fourteen year it had been my home, my world but now I had to leave. The bag on my shoulder was heavy with with gifts but instead I reached for the pendant that hung round my neck. My most treasured possession was warm beneath my icy fingertips. A rare blue Kyanite that matched the colour of my eyes. In many ways I was different from everyone else in the village; they all had dark hair and deep brown eyes but I had blue eyes and long fair hair that matched the colour of maple wood. I had never felt part of the village and I was excited about beginning my journey. 

I had said my good-byes the eve before and had promised to return so there was nothing left to do. For the last time I gaze down upon the village and breathed in the country air then i turned away and started along the muddy path...

The End

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