A is for Apple

A once simple alphabet becomes hyped on steroids as the rabbit is chased. It is hoped that a socially redeeming value is come upon in that tangential moment.

A is for Apple.

I love apples, red ones, yellow ones, sometimes those dusty gold ones, but never green ones.  I got a tummy ache from eating a green apple when I was a kid and it has turned me against them forever.

I suppose I have developed a prejudice against green apples.  Most green apples have never given me a tummy ache, yet I presume all green apples are of such a nature. 

In truth, this prejudice has become an irrational, emotionally triggered reaction to all green-apple-ness.   I would like to change my attitudes toward green apples, but, if I were to be honest with you, those negative feelings still exist.

I suppose I will need to spend more time with green apples, getting to know them so that I might bring them back into the family of apples, most of whom I love and enjoy.  Possibly I could have some green apples baked into a pie with other apples.  Then I might begin to realize that all apples are the same inside their skin ... well, almost alike.

A is for Apple.





The End

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