A Hunters Story: The RiseMature

Aleckzander, a teen like all, is confused. To make things worse, he is stuck between two worlds trying to figure out whats up and down until a girl comes into his life to set things straight for the rest of his life.

I ran down hallway, the beast, feet away from me was snarling and moaning from the scratch that I'd given it when I had still had the aspect of surprise. I wasn’t going to make it, not if I kept on going at the pace that I was.
With my arm broken and the gash on my left leg suddenly becoming numb I knew time had ran out. I was going to die, like that poor teacher who had stayed a bit later then usual to make sure he could pass all his students, like that janitor who was just trying to make a living one day at a time.
 It's odd, even though it’s only been 16 years since my birth, I'm not afraid of death. I've witnessed death, over and over again, so much that right now, right at this moment, I'm alright with the idea of being ripped to shreds by this beast, by this terrifyingly ugly demon that frankly smells like dog shit.
So on que, as if I had planned it since the day of my birth, I stopped to turn around and face the monster with my eyes and with that, I knew that it was over.    

                                                         Chapter 1. A jog in the park                                
 I woke up right as I heard my father, being as "subtle" he could be while slamming the door behind him walked to the kitchen, made himself some coffee and then walked back to the living room to sit down on his favorite chair.
 Like the usual I had to ask, "So, how was it?" as if ignoring me he took a sip of coffee, opened the newspaper and started to read. After a few minutes of standing there he finally replied "It was the usual". The "usual" is code from dad meaning "I don't want to talk about it, leave me alone."
So I didn't bother to push him. You see, dad never likes to talk about his work.  The reason why, well let’s just say it's a dirty business. So since I wasn't going to get anything out of my dad for about an hour or so I decided to put on some shorts, running shoes and go for a run to wake myself up.
After an hour of jogging around the park across the street from my house I decided to take a break and sit down on the bench that I've claimed to be the dirtiest bench on earth. It looks as if it’s been in this park since the early 1980's or maybe 70's. It’s been tagged on, gum placed everywhere, pieces of wood that should be their gone and still, nothing has been done with it. It's as if it is naked to the normal human’s eye.  As if it has passed on decades unnoticed by everyone, well, maybe not by the dogs and birds.
After sitting there for a few minutes I saw her. She was on the other side of the park, stretching before starting her daily jog. I knew it was daily because every day after I was done jogging she would suddenly appear out of nowhere and start jogging. She had to be new to town because one, I would of definitely noticed a girl like her and two, with a town of only 5,000 people you tend to notice when someone is out of place.
Anyways, the girl, she was tall, almost as tall as myself, had long-black hair, curves that will make me shiver just thinking about them and a face that must of belonged to a goddess.
 "Pff, only if..." I said out-loud while watching her start off on her way to a jog that would make every man think of bad thoughts when she would pass by, I know I would. I probably should of left after she started to jog,  I usually did but today was different, today I wanted to man up to my nervousness and at least stay so I can take a step to not being such a pussy when it comes to beautiful girls.
So I stayed and I waited. It felt like hours had passed by for the moment to come, for that one second where I would look at her and she would notice me looking at her and to her I'd be like all those other guys that would do the same thing, a pig. And on que, I raised my head, looked forwards and starred at her figure, she was beautiful.
My heart felt like it had frozen still and my brain was jumping everywhere like that one time I had drunk 3 cans of monster in less than 5 minutes.
So as soon as she came, she had left. I was ashamed of myself, even though I'm not like those perverted bastards who only think about sex at my age but at that moment, it was all I could think of. I guess I couldn’t help it, I am only 15 but this girl deserved more than that, she is more than that.
 Shaking the thought away I stood up and with one more glance at the girl I walked back home to take long-hot shower.

The End

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