"About time, Dad!"

It was just the three of us. Me, Dad and little William. Mum died all those years ago, in a car crash, on our way to Wodonga, where we still lived. Not for long, though. Dad just said we were going back to Melbourne.

Life in Camberwell, Melbourne, was perfect. Walking around with my friends along the brilliant streets, gossiping on the latest in celebrity news, giggling about the guys at school.

"I miss my friends in Camberwell. I can't wait to go back to our old house. I wonder if..."

Dad held up a hand to silence me. I've tried many times to prevent such a small action quieting me down, but it somehow doesn't work. Dad always says I get my ability to obey from my Mum. "We're not moving back to our house in Camberwell. It's been bought by another. We're moving to Footscray."

Footscray? What?

I didn't answer. Like my voice box had been taken out, without me feeling it.

That was the start of a horrid new era in my life.

The End

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