A Hundred Days

Ara's family was killed for the war. The that broke out in 2029, a year after the Stock Market caused the worst depression in history. Ara finds out her father kept a log, all about the war. He wrote down a domino effect, writing the cause of a eent, and what that event would trigger. Everything he wrote, Ara read about in newspapers. Her father had a plan to stop the war, and he planned for his children to stop it. Now that Ara is the only one left, she choses to stop it. She must leave her l

You think you know everything about your family. I thought I know my family. I knew that my family was killed in the war, and that my sister refused to turn on the TV, claiming that it would give me nightmares.

One day, while my sister was out, I decide to go for a quick look though of our attic, thinking I was only looking for baby pictures.

As I opened the door, I was coved in dust. So, my idea was wrong. Marcy never came up here. I flipped the light switch on, and climbed the steep stairs into the attic. My eyes scanned the room for any old boxes. None. What person doesn’t have boxes in a attic?

I sighed, and looked at the old chest that sat in the back of the long room. I walked over, counting my steps. Counting my steps is something I’ve always done, even when I could only count to ten.

“Ara,” My sister Marcy would say, when I was a little girl, “Twenty is not after ten and you know that.”

Now that I’m almost sixteen, and count well past ten, I still do my old habit. Not saying the numbers out loud, people would claim I’m crazy.

When I reached the old chest, after 105 steps, I was surprised. It looked as if Marcy hadn’t touched it since the mover brought it here almost fourteen years ago. I knelt in front of it, and gently lifted it. To my shook, no key was required.

What was inside scared me. Nothing expect a small book. I gently picked the book, and opened it to the first page.

The book was my Father‘s.

The name Dylan Jace was written on the inside page, in night cursive. Underneath it was the year 2028.

I read the first entry, from February 7th 2028. This was a month before the day that would change the world. I scanned my Fathers hand.

I have done the Math. After the stock market fails on March 8th, people are going to act. They won’t believe me now if I said to pull the stocks, I don’t think that would help. Big business wouldn’t believe me. Millions are going to lose jobs. After a year, only a few will have jobs. People of this country will be divide, trying to chose the right path. Only one is right. I’m still trying to work out the right side, the side I will give my life for. For now I must save Bella and keep her safe.

My father know what was going to happen. He didn’t try to stop it. He could have saved the country. My father wasn’t a brave man. I rubbed my temples with my thumbs, and continued reading.


I read the whole book, up till the year where when war broke out. . My Father had a plan. He wanted to stop the war. He was telling me in this log what I read in the newspapers.

He sided with the rebels. From what I gathered from the diary, The Other Side, which was what he called the non-rebels, was going to have a bomb. A bomb that would kill everything in the Congenital United states, and most of Canada and Mexico. The only way to stop it would be from the inside.

I was crying when I finished the book. It took almost five hours, but well worth it. I put my head in my lap and thought the plan over. I could do it, but I would have to give my life to my fathers cause.

My Father was called crazy, till he was killed fourteen years ago, along with my brother and mother. I was two, my brother was twenty, and my sister was sixteen.

The last entry was a week before they put him a mental ward, claiming his brain was beyond help. I was one. The next year, my mother and brother where visiting him when police from the ‘Other side’ came and ordered them out back. My Father died trying to save my Mother and Gage.

There was picture of my brother with his arm slung around my sister, and Marcy holding me with one hand, my legs wrapped around her waist.

To my children,

I love you. They are going to kill me soon. I need you to do what this book says. Stop the war before it stops you heart. I love you. Gage, take care of you sisters. Marcy, your beautiful don’t forget that. And my baby girl, Arabella, you have a whole future.

I love you,

Dylan Jace, your Father.

My family died for the cause. My sister was to scared to get involved. I was going to give my life to this game of chess.

And I was leaving tonight.

The End

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