The House's Secret

I began to survey the area we had fallen into and saw that it was an old cellar with cement floors, anything further than 5 feet in front of me was pitch black.  As my mother rose from her daze we ventured further in trying to find light, but staying quiet just in case there was someone there that might wish us harm.  As we continued on we found a candle like in the movies where the old man in pajamas and a nightcap would wear.  As I light it with the lighter next it I saw a terrifying discovery even with the light I couldn’t see an exit.  This night was becoming scarier and scarier.  Then as we continued forward I decided to examine a signature on the wall and made out the words property of Allan.  We made our way into a door at the end of the seemingly forever hallway.  Inside we saw packages of equipment and then mounds of money whoever’s house this was definitely didn’t want anyone to get into here.  Inspecting one of the packages I said “property of Allan”, Allan was definitely not just another boy the same age as Josh. 

The End

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