Inside the house

As we entered the house, the front door swung shut behind us.  The hallway was now pitch black.  I held on tight to my mom's hand as we slowly walked down the hall. 

"Hello?", I said.  "Are you there Josh?"

There was no reply.  I ran my hand along the wall searching for a light switch.  I finally found one and flipped it on.  A dim bulb flickered above us.  Even illuminated, the house still seemed creepy.  There were cobwebs everywhere, and it seemed like it hadn't been lived in for years.  We decided to look around as fast as we could and get out.  We walked around a corner and opened a door that led downstairs.  As I put my foot on the top stop, I slipped.  I tried to hold on to my mom, but I pulled her down with me.  We tumbled through the door, down the stairs, and hit a wall in the basement.  The door at the top the stairs had closed and we were covered in darkness.

The End

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