The Haunted House (in response to "Still Searching")

     My heart began racing.  It was racing so hard that I felt like it was going to beat out of my chest.  I felt a huge knot in my stomach.  Sweat was dripping down my face.  I was really starting to worry now.  How would we find him if our only hope of using the finder app was gone?  

     Suddenly, I heard a scream!  It sounded like it came from inside the house. 

     "Josh, is that you?"  No reply.  My mom and I ran around the house, darting towards the front door.  As we came to the front of the house, I noticed that it looked really old and unused.  It had a front porch with a swing and a couple of old, wooden rocking chairs.  Cobwebs were all over the place.  As my mom and I stood in front of the house, I thought to myself that my mom, Josh, my dad, and I would never have been put into this situation if I just had learned my lesson from the first time and kept an eye on my little brother.  

     "I am so sorry mom," I said looking at my mom with tears filling my eyes.  

     "It's ok sweetie, everyone makes mistakes.  Now let's just go look for your brother."

     My mom grabbed my hand and together, we entered through the door of the haunted house.  

The End

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