Almost There

I take a deep breath and try to think. Maybe there is something in his phone that could help. I pick it up off of the ground and begin looking through his phone history while my mom pulls out her phone to call the police. "We have to!" She tells me "This is something we may not be able to handle. The police have to know." As much as I don't want to get the police involved, I agree with her and turn back to Josh's phone. He sent the two texts to my mother and I, but other than that, there was only one more text message sent from his phone. It was to someone named Allan, but I didn't recognize the number, and all it said was "I'm almost there." It had been sent about an hour ago. My mom hangs up with the police and walks over to me. I show the text to her, and we decide that we will try to find out who Allan is and take the police to his house. “It has to be somewhere around here, right??” I ask her. “Once we find him, he can tell us where Josh was going.” My mom nods, but I can tell she is scared, and probably furious with me. We pick up Josh’s mask from the ground and walk back to the street to wait for the police.
The End

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