Still Searching

   I explain the situation to my mom, hoping to justify what has happened, but I know nothing will justify this until we find my brother.  I just keep thinking of a solution because I know that nothing serious has happened.  It's probably just a practical joke.  No need to get the police involved.  Finally I think of something that might help: the iPhone finder app. I quickly send a text to my brother's phone to receive his location. The location pops up showing the iPhone is just down the street. 

          My mom and I race down the street to the location, which is located in front of the deserted house that everyone says is haunted.  We search frantically in the front yard of the house finding nothing.  I run to the backyard and see a phone laying on the ground in the middle of the background.  I also see his Spiderman face mask lying next to it. Where is he....

The End

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