Answering Machine

I was really scared. I mean, I lost my little brother the second time in one night and know he is maybe kidnapped or sombodey has done something bad withim. 1000 troughts raced trough my head. What should I do now? Is he okay? Should I tell the police and my parents? Or is it such a joke? is halloween. I was confused and could not think clearly. My little brother was lost and I am standing here in a ridiculous costume.

I dicided to tell my parents what happend. I called my mum because my dad would freak out on the cell phone. I started the call, it rings 7 times, and a voice started to speak: The desired intelocutor is temporarily not available. I tried it again but nothing. After that I tried to call my das and his phone was off. It was strange because my dad is always available and especially in such an exceptional situation like this he is not!

The End

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