Another Mistake

As the night continued to become colder and cooler, we still continued on gathering candy until our candy holder, a bright yellow  pillow, was beginning to fill up.  The only part was, we were only half way done and of course a little boy’s goal is to fill it up as much as possible.  We continued moving house to house, shouting “trick-or-treat,” gathering Skittles, M&M, Nerds, Laffy Taffy and just about anything else that destroys a little boy’s sugar levels.  We continued walking through the neighborhood and Josh was still hyper because of his sugar, but I was beginning to fade away with sleepiness.  And then all of sudden, I have a heart attack as my beiber fever kicks in, THERE IS A LOOK A LIKE.  So I scream, “JUSTIN BEIBER,” and runs across the street to go get a picture as all teenagers to do now-a-days.  We take many pictures and next thing I realized is, my Halloween horror just began again, I have lost Josh again. 

The End

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