ET, Phone Home--Please!

A big sister experiences a pit of the stomach experience when she loses her little brother amidst a throng of trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

Thanks to Louisa May Mahoney for starting us out with an appropriate opening chapter.

“Come on, Tasha! Let’s go!” my little brother exclaimed as he bounded down the front steps.  It was Halloween night and he was so excited to go Trick-Or-Treating.  Sadly, I was assigned the duty of walking him around the neighborhood.

Even though I didn’t WANT to take him, he did look pretty cute in his Spider Man costume.  Cute means more candy and more candy means more for me after he goes to bed.  So I guess the situation wasn’t all that bad.

“I’m coming,” I laughed. “Hold on! I need to put on my boots.”  For a fall night, it was extremely cool outside.

We began walking down the street looking at all of the princesses, vampires, and ghouls that were walking all around us.  There were a lot of people.  Our neighborhood was evidently very popular this year.

I let my little brother walk up to his first house by himself.  He IS ten after all. I decided to look around at the decorations of the other houses.  Absolutely phenomenal!  I turned around and could not find my brother anywhere.

“Josh?  Josh, where are you?!” I yelled.  I saw several other kids but none were him.  And he wasn’t a house or two down.  Oh no, I’ve lost my brother!

The End

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