The Tree

     The next day we had a mouth-watering breakfast of cooked apples cleverly prepared by Dan. After we had finished our breakfasts and were lay back in still moist grass Jack proposed that we go for a day of adventure. Me and Dan sat up and smiled in unison. We started to gather our things together and then Jack led us on our way. He was heading up to the large forest in the north of the area and we all knew it, but it was fun to be naive and so we kept guessing at where he was taking us knowing each time that it was going to be wrong. The forest came in to sight over the small hill, “Oh, so that’s where we are going!” Dan said in an ignorant and childish way. Jack smiled back at him,” Yep that’s where were heading. He set off at a run and me and Dan headed after him. We entered the forest and I could hear the birds singing and the leaves tumbling down off the trees and settling at our feet in assorted colours and sizes. Jack ran over to a huge tree that must have been the centre of the forest and tapped the trunk with his palm. “So this is it, this is one!” we looked at him and then up at the tree and I laughed, “Your joking there is no way we can climb that!” he was still smiling” of course we can don’t be silly us three can climb anything!” he kept his smile and it didn’t waver. I heard Dan laugh and say ok I looked at him, “Come on Erin don’t be a chicken.” They both started making stupid chicken noises, I playfully punched Jack on the arm, “Fine then, ok we’ll climb it!”

     We started to make our way up the tree using the small branches and pulling ourselves up trying to reach he bigger ones about five metres up. As we reached the bigger ones I looked back and the colour drained from my face, it wasn’t that I was scared of heights, I’d done this a million times before but never anything this...big. Dan looked at my colourless cheeks “Just don’t look down and then you will have nothing to worry about Erin!” Easier said than done. I listened to him all the same and didn’t look over my shoulder again. We edged our way slowly up the tree. We were unsure of how far up we were but none of us offered to look back down and take a guess. We had reached the thick branches now; surely we were nearing the top of the tree. Jack then Dan and me last. I started to relax the sooner we reached the top, the sooner we could go back down. I was ready to leave the monster tree behind. Then there was a sickening sound as a branch gave way.

The End

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