Rain Fall

     As we sat around the rebuilt fire Dan began to cook the fish on a strange looking piece of equipment that he had been making most of the afternoon. We all watched the fire but this time none of our gazes were caught by the flickering flame , as we were all staring hungrily at the half cooked meat that smelt so heavenly that Jack was actually drooling. All three of us sat in silence to eat except for the occasional sound of one of us spitting a bone into the fire. With full bellies we settled down to sleep still no one spoke; really there was no need to. I must have fallen asleep as soon as I shut my eyes as the next time I can remember anything was feeling cold and damp and realising that it had begun to rain.

     Waking the boys up was easy the difficulty came in trying to move all our drenched belongings to a tree about ten metres away. When we finally managed to get everything positioned so that the rain could not get to them we sat there watching the rain. I looked out across the wide open space in front of me. The smell of the rain moved with the wind that was making its way round the tree we sat under and amid the animals and everything else that stood in the fields that stretched out all around us. I could feel Jack’s weight against me and his warmth spread to me as he slept without a sound as the rain thundered down onto the hard land. Dan sat still with me for a while before his eyes also began to shut and flutter closed. I was once again the last one awake and I watched the rain bounce of the grass shy earth that encircled the tree where I was sat with my two sleeping companions.
     I dozed though out the night and when I awoke for the first time to see light and that the rain fall had ceased I decided to get up. I left Dan and Jack still sound asleep resting on one of the larger ruck-sacks. I swung some the soggy blankets over the large branches of the tree and hoped they would dry before tonight. The air smelt like fields of strawberries were surrounding me and even though I wasn’t particularly hungry I decided to go in search of some early morning food. I set out towards the cow field in hope of finding something a bit different from the usual berries and leaves that we occasionally ate if fish was not available. The grass was still wet and the longer patches of grass managed to dampen my ankles with dewy drops of rain that had remained. I walked through the gate into the next field and then the field after that and I hadn’t had much luck so I was thinking about just turning back and loading the bag I had brought with berries when I looked round to see a tree at the far end of the field and it some unusual looking flowers growing on it and then it clicked. Apples. I ran over to where they were and gazed, how we had never seen this here before! I plucked one down and washed it off with my water flask. I bit into the fruit and it made a glorious crunching noise and juice ran down my chin and neck. They tasted sweet and yet sharp at the same time. I ate the rest of my apple sat with back up against the amazing apple tree. Smiling out at the cows that were in the field eating there measly grass. I loaded up my bag with all the apples I could reach and then headed back towards the tree. As I came through the gate into our field I could see Jack and Dan in the distance up and about trying to do something with the bags. When they saw me they waved and started to come over. As Jack got closer I threw him one of the 15 apples I had got in my bag. He held out his hands and caught looking shocked then he realised what he was holding and his whole face lit up.”Are those what I think they are?” I could hear Dan calling and picking up the pace to each where me and jack were stood. “ I threw him one of the apples and flashed me his famous grin before wholeheartedly biting into the apple and, just as I did, allowing the cool, sticky juice run down him. I looked back over at Jack he was sat on the waterlogged ground devouring the apple. He looked up at me and with a mouth full of apple said “Where on earth did you find these Erin?” I laughed as more juice dribbled down his chin. “I found them over in the cow field, at the end nearest to the church.” I got out an apple and copied jack in his actions and sat myself down to enjoy our treat. So we sat there like that all three of us happily eating our new found favourite fruit.

The End

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