When I woke the fire was no longer burning and was just a grey patch in the field of green. I pushed my blankets off and the warmth of day surrounded me as I stood up in search of Jack and Dan. I couldn’t see them in the field so I assumed they must have gone on an early morning adventure, there empty beds held evidence that they could not have been gone long still remaining was the small indents where they bodies would have lay whilst sleeping. I pulled on a jumper and my shorts and went in search of the playful pair. I walked across the empty field and watched as the cows on the next plane of grass grazed sleepily at each other’s side oblivious to anything that was happening. I entered the forest and the darkness that was created by the giant trees loomed. I could hear their voices but I knew too well the forest trees played many tricks and that they could be anywhere, “Jack, Dan? Where are you?”Nothing, no reply.”JACK! DAN!” I heard footsteps fast and heavy. They were coming towards me through the trees. I couldn’t see where the person was. I couldn’t see anything as the trees surrounded me completely. I could hear quick, heavy breathing approaching. Who ever the runner was they were heading towards me. I turned around hoping to see the runner. Nothing. Then smack “TAG, your it!”  I saw Jack’s impish face whizz past me grinning, showing off his master plan of attack. He sprinted off I laughed in relief and happiness and then realised that he was running because I was IT! I sped after him and saw him glace over his shoulder still carrying his victory grin.

     After running around playing tag and other games for about an hour we all collapsed on the floor in a heap laughing we all agreed that we should get some food together. We picked up various things and headed down to the river. When we arrived at the river it reminded me of the postcards we would send to Gran and Granddad from wherever we were visiting on holiday. It was truly picturesque .The river water was almost clear and the sun glistened on the surface making the water inviting. The leaves that fully covered most of the trees were starting to change colour and all the fields seemed to be alive with the colour of the foliage and the other plants that were growing all over. Me and Dan dropped our things on the floor and headed for the water both thinking the same thing as we struggled to pull our shoes off. Just as we reached the water’s edge a hollow “STOP” hit us. We turned round to Jack “Don’t even think about it if you want some lunch today!” I looked at Dan he pulled a face but Jack ignored him and walked past with what he called his lucky stick.

      I retired to the bank and perched there soaking up the sun and watching Jack trying to catch us some food. The way he moves when he fishes always depicts such grace and tranquillity and then we he brings down the stick and it spears the unknowing fish there is only a seconds of violence and pure hunter instinct before he relaxes again and carries on. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Dan was watching him to, more jealous than admiring but he was watching him all the same. Jack made his way up the bank some time later and threw down three fish in front of us “I don’t think your stomach will be rumbling tonight Erin, that’s for sure.” I winked at him from where I was sat and in return got a content and satisfied smile. He was right none of us would go hungry tonight.

The End

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