Summer Nights

     “I spy with my little eye ... something beginning with ‘F’” I sang the cheerful rhyme and glanced at the others “Guess, go on!”

“Is it a farm?” said Jack, pointing at the yard that was silhouetted in the distance.

“NO! Guess again” Dan looked thoughtfully at me

“Is it a ... fish?”
“A FISH?”Repeated Jack “Do you see a fish?”
“No, but Erin might!” He began to laugh, his mischievous cackle. Jack and I looked at each other and began to laugh. Loud and raucous laughter that echoed around us, making it sound as though a whole choir of childish giggling. I looked at Dan as he got to his feet he gave me a wicked grin before running off, the soft green grass capturing his every foot print until the next soft wind sent every blade of grass into a wild frenzy. 

     We had a fire that night. The nights had begun to close in and a cold breeze was whistling softly in between the forest trees. We sat quietly in each other’s company, mesmerized by the crackling fire. I watched the shape of the flames change and move in different ways. I could tell Dan and Jack were doing the same. I lay back on the soft grass and looked up towards the now dark sky. The stars were out and I started to count them as I did when I was a child out on a camping trip. I could hear Dan’s deep breathing and moved slightly to see him sleeping soundly probably dreaming, he grunted in his sleep and turned over pulling the hole ridden blanket onto his shoulders. I lay back down breathing in the chilly midnight air, my belly grumbled at me loudly and I clutched hopelessly at my stomach but it carried on I heard Jack stir over the other side of the fire,

“I hope tomorrow is a good day for some fishing because I can’t get to sleep with your stomach grumbling so loudly!”  I laughed

“I was just hoping for the same thing.” I fell asleep that nights watching the fire eat up the wood until there was nothing left but the dull embers burning slowly into nothing.

The End

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