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Once I was out of view I figured I should find a way to untie my shoes from one another so I could move more quickly. I was not too concerned about my hands being tied since I would be able to move regardless of the use of my hands. Though, with my hands bound it does make my shoes hard to tie and untie. I remembered that I did have a quarter in my back pocket from the change I had from when I was at the store the previous day. Most quarters have a rough edge that kind of resembles teeth. I was able to reach my hand into my pocket deep enough to pull it out. I figured I should not stand around here while trying to cut through the rope for fear that the crazed cannibals might get suspicious and start looking for me. I was not sure where I was going, but I thought that as long as I was moving away from where I just was I was fine. I started walking forwards as I slowly sawed away the rope that bound my hands. This was the best course of action until I was able to saw through the rope, which was actually amazingly not as hard as I had thought it would be, I was already three fourths the way through the rope. I could see a mountain about four hundred yards out, I decided to make this my destination until the cannibals stopped looking for me. The area seemed like it had a plant density that was surprisingly small, most of the area was thick grass. By the time I reached the mountain I had the ropes sawed through. The mountain was about five hundred yards, it would be a waste to climb all the to the top. I climbed probably one hundred and fifty feet up where I found a flat spot, this would be my home base until I recuperated. I figured it would be best for me to stay the rest of the night here, I could see small light spots all throughout the wooded area I just went through that I assumed was torches. This did allow me time, however, to think about how exactly I had gotten here. Last thing I remember that happened just before I ended up in this strange place was that I had just laid down in bed to go to sleep. I just could not figure it out, there was a black space. Maybe I was some how kidnapped in my sleep or I went sleep walking, but If that were the case, I should not have woken up yesterday miles from any civilization, it just was not possible. I decided that for tonight I should not worry about it anymore. I placed my head on my arm and tried to get some sleep.

The End

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