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They finally reached me, the three had gotten on different sides of me, which I was starting to take as a bad sign, then one, the biggest of the three which had a mustache that was long enough to reach his shoulders, reached his hand out to me. I assumed it was a greeting and reached my hand out to grab his and everything became dark. I awoke, which must have been several hours later because it was now dark. I noticed that I had been tied up and my head was killing me, I looked up assuming my captors were the three Mongolian fellows that were looking down at me when everything went dark, but I guessed wrong... There were about thirty men standing around a large camp fire that looked like they were Native Americans. I could not believe what I was seeing, one of the Mongolians on the ground with his head slumped and another dark looking man with his face painted like some Hindu God kneeling in front of him with what looked like a very large knife. That is when I noticed that there was blood running down from his neck. My heart started to race, I just knew that I was going to be next. There was another large camp fire in front of me, however, I was about fifteen feet from the closest one, which none of them seemed to be paying any attention to me. I looked around slowly hoping that they would not notice me. It appeared that only my hands were bound, but they did tie my shoe laces together. I pushed off one shoe with the other, but I kept the other on because who knows where I would end up next in this crazy, psychotic dream, I might end up needing them. There was a tree line not five feet from where I had been tied up. I checked one more time to make sure nobody was looking my direction, they were yelling in what seemed like some sort of celebration and the man who had the knife in his hand now had all the way up his forearm drenched in blood and he had something in his hand that seemed like it was thumping. I almost threw up, but I knew if I was getting away that now would be the time. I slowly repositioned my legs to where they were facing the tree line. One foot at a time I slowly pulled myself to the tree line and I was gone without a trace.

The End

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