fictional what if to metaphysics in the perspective of the president.

Chapter one: Sam


“You know that is impossible, how dare you… how dare you even suggest a thing like that. You know the very idea of sacrificing an American hero, one of the sons or daughters of our great nation to these… these things! How will it look on our people to show weakness and submit to the enemy?” I said with heated agitation flaring in my voice. The speaker responded, “You know they’ll get what they want, they always get what they want. You don’t have to say yes, you don’t have to say no, frankly you don’t have to say anything at all, but in due time you’ll realize that doing what I say is not just a good choice, but it’s your only choice. Good bye Mr. President.” Then he was off without a word more. I sat back in a seat on the main floor of the old family house. I sat and thought about all that was going on and how could I possibly fix the mess that was happening. I had gotten so frustrated with the whole mess, and not able to control a damn bit of it. I think at some point I had broken down in tears shortly before I had passed out. I had awakened on the floor with my head throbbing. I was not sure how I had gotten onto the floor, but I had assumed I had fallen out of my chair while sleeping. I got up and realized it will not do me any good to continue to run this issue over and over in my head with no sleep, I was just going to get more and more frustrated. I went up to the second floor to my bedroom, laid down on my bed and went to sleep. I awoke somewhere I did not recognize, there was lively green grass for what seemed like forever in every direction and a very light breeze. In the distance though just some ways down wind was what seemed like three people on horseback riding my direction. I figured if nothing else they could tell me where I was. I started walking in their direction, but the closer I got the more detail there was and what seemed odd to me was that they seemed to be wearing some sort of traditional Mongolian armor. I had no clue what was going on, but I was a bit worried about this situation at this point. I thought they may have been some hate group like the Neo-Nazis. I was possibly several miles from any form of civilization, so running was not an option. I just put myself at the mercy of God and hoped this was just some sort of odd audience-less play. 

The End

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