At The Beginning

Martin just wanted to be an ordinary wizard. But oh no, everything bad always had to happen to him. Now with the world looking at him expectantly and fate on his shoulders. He was anything but ordinary. He must now try to fulfil an oath he knew nothing about and never wanted. An oath laid out before him thousands of years before he was even born.

Everything has an opposite. This is a truth that cannot be denied and must be acknowledged. There is nothing in our existence that has the credible abilitty to change this fact. Just like every beginning must, at some point have an end. Just like every right always seems to have some kind of wrong. For example- Peace and war.

At every stage in our history, there has been opposites. For as when good comes, so must evil.


The floor was soaked red with the blood from empty vessels that once belonged to witches and wizards. The silence that hung over the air was so thick, that if one had tried they may have been able to cut it with a knife. It was on these fields, next to Elinore Castle that the two legends stood locked in their pure hatred of eachother. A battle was to be waged that would go down in History. One one would live, and only they would go down as a hero. All whilst the fallen would be able to do nothing as his name was tarnished, as over the years he would come to be nothing more than another villain people have nightmares about when they are but mere children. After all, only one could do down in history.

"It was foolish of you to come here today Elidoras" Repirma stated. "You have done nothing more than lead your friends to their deaths"

"They died with honour and integrity. Something you can not hope to say about your own men"

The corners of Repirma's mouth crinkled into a snarl. "You have played your hand Elidoras, you have made your choices, you have no more cards to play.You cannot hope to win. It is here, on this night, that you shall die" said Repirma Vehemently.

"I'm not scared of you, death will be my haven, whilst life will be your hell" he replied.

"If that is so, then let us fight.

Raising their hands, Elidoras tried to ignore the fact that the man before him had once been a friend. Now as he stood, hands raised, he tried to envision all the pain and torture that Repirma had caused the world around him in times past.

"Nunc tibi, morte morietur"  Screamed Repirmas, Elidoras couldn't have seen it coming. It was a spell he himself had created, it wasnt even in circulation. Plus, he was sure that if it was it would do nothing more than grant the user nothing more than execution themselves.

Elidoras just smiled. He did know the spell, he had stumbled upon the spell being used in practice one day. After all Repirmas had always been preidictable, he casually stepped out of the way before casting his own spell "Cupio perniciem"He retaliated, causing a crater to form around Repirma before imploding and sending him flying backwards. Repirma landed with a thump before, with a groan he lifted himsef out from the cloud and moved forward again.

The last created a lull in the fight, neither wanting to give an inch to the other in fear of making a single- fatal mistake.

The End

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