Skipping school to visit the sick

The tears would not stop, no matter how hard I tried to stop them. The whole situation was sickening and saddening. IT was like I was falling apart. It was chaotic, that was the only word I could think of to describe it. Who wants to sit around when the guy they love is sitting in bed with a cast, and one of your girls is sitting in the hospital after being raped. The thought of Crystal being raped sobered me, and I slammed my fist on the bench i was sitting on. It hurt, but not as much as it normally did. I growled and stood up, striding down the hallway. Sure my face was red and puffy, and the people who say me coming moved out of the way, but I had a purpose.

"Alex, where the hell are you going?" Liv, one of my friends yelled after me. I glanced over my shoulder.

"what are you doing out of class?" I asked snottily, I wasn't in the mood to deal with her 'all about me' mood...that she was always in.

"The bell rang like five minutes ago, i've been looking all over for you!" she exclaimed.

"Like honestly, i'm out of breath, you could have made it a bit easier for me to find you, I hate having to look for you!"

"Shut up!" I cut her off, my voice ice cold. I turned around and kept walking. I threw open the glass doors that led to the parking lot, slamming them against the walls.

"Alex, calm down!" I heard Riley behind me.

"Riley, you're not coming with me!" I shouted back at him. Riley was a great kid, but he wasn't exactly the guy for me, no matter the monsterous crush he had on me.

I fumbled for the keys in my black purse, pulling them out on the collection of many keychains I had. I jammed my thumb down on the unlock button as I approached my red pontiac grand am. I was in the car and had the doors locked before Riley could catch up with me. He was yelling at me through the windows, but the sound was muffled, so I didn't catch the words. I turned on my ipod and plugged it in, blaring The Kill by 30 Seconds To Mars, before shoving my keys in the ignition and throwing my car into reverse. 'It was only second period, but school could wait for today' I thought to myself as I left the school parking lot and travelled down Wilkes. I wasn't sure how I was going to get to his place, but I would find a way. I wasn't stupid, and I had a bit of a Daniel radar. That's his name, Daniel, I think he's hot, black hair light skin, great body. But overall, I love his personality, the way he makes me laugh, the way he understands me and I understand him, we get along, we don't really fight....yet

The End

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