The Letter

I left the office as fast as I could. There was no way I was going to go back to class, there was no point. My name was written on the front of the envelope in sloppy handwriting. My heart sped up, I recognized the way he wrote, I could recognize it any day. I slipped my finger under the wax seal of a smiley face and popped open the flap. Slowly I pulled out the letter. At the top it said I love you Alex. My heart plummeted to the floor. The guy I had wanted for so long, and whom I knew I loved finally realized him love me back. I continued reading

I know you know exactly what happened. I broke my leg taking care of that task, that's why i'm not at school. He did rape her, thats why I had to deal with him. Look, Alex, I'll be back at school soon, just wait around. I don't want you to help, not yet, not after what happened to me. But he's dead Alex, I killed him, and disposed of the body. God, I've never felt so good and guilty at the same time. But Alex, I still have my honour.

See you soon. I love you

My heart dropped, he didn't want me to help. To hell with that. I would help him anyways, because thats just what I did.

The weight of the world came crashing down on me that instance, and I cried. I just happened, the tears came pouring down my face, and I wept

The End

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