A Hero


It all started when someone left the window open. No longer was he trapped inside these walls. No longer would he be poked and prodded with their needles, never again drowned in their personal questions. He was no longer a lab rat, but rather, a bird.

       Fly he did out of the window, soaring away from all grief and anxiety. As free as can be he became one with the sky. Fly, angel, fly! Against a rainbow sky, he was surely a sight to see- a hero even! Protect us, perfect angel! Only you can save our souls.

       Gone were the days of sorrow and pain, for in the winds and the sky, the boy reigned. He was beautiful beyond words or thoughts, so beautiful that a rose would hide in shame. Pure beauty, he flew in the sky as the people cheered and screamed his name in adoring chorus. He was on top of the world!

       A nervous breakdown was inevitable. Within seconds, nurses frantically went to the window, its curtains fluttering in the wind, to gasp at the lifeless body of their most tortured patient, strewn across the city streets below.

The End

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