Elitha entered the ballroom at the arm of her Thayor, flaunting the Princess at his arm. Her young, fleeting heart had fallen for him as so many other girls had, and he was proud of his newest, and finest, prize.

She struck a beautiful smile as the orchestra piped up a swoony waltz, the Lord wrapping his arm about her and swirling her around the floor. All eyes were upon them and he was smoothly well-aware of such a fact, gazing smilingly onto his partner with a playful sparkle in his eye.

The Princess was quite taken with him - though he had tried for her earlier in their court days, he never attracted her attentions as he did now. It was as if they had both matured - she with her newfound interest in young men and he in his developed gallantry and excellence of style.  He was impeccably handsome and mannered, and her Father had done more than his part in prodding his daughter to falling into a romance with the best bachelor of the Gherion Court.

Tobin was an onlooker to the pair, though he was not a complete outcast to the festivities. As a dashing, witty young man with good connections and a bright future, he attracted a gathering of pretty ladies that he did not mind dancing with, also finding himself among prominent circles of men debating issues of the day. It was an evening he, thus far, had mainly enjoyed.

As what was regular when the two where in something of a close proximity, they were drawn together. After Elitha had finished a series of dances with her courtier, she found herself at the side of her fond friend, who himself was exhuberant to see her. He, in his manner easy and charming both similar and dissimilar to the style of Thayor, inquired her acquaintance in the next dance.  

"I fear I am quite as accomplished as a dancer as Lord Thayor," said Tobin smilingly as he swept her out onto the floor himself.

Elitha laughed mildly, detecting slight envy in his voice, "I am sure you are a fine dancer."


"See, I believe you to be an excellent dancer, Tobin," Elitha smiled as the song closed. Actually, she found her pairing with him more enjoyable, more comfortable, natural, and pleasurable, even if Thayor had more style and execution in his steps.

He grinned in return, "Thank you, Princess. Thank you for dancing with me - I am certain it was you who carried me along."

His flattery was so natural, almost playful, and made her giggle slightly. "Well, I best be off," she glanced around her, as if anxious to return to the side of Thayor, no doubt. Tobin felt a flutter of disappointment that she didn't allow him one more dance or any further conversation. "Thank you, Tobin, for the dance."

They did their respective bows and set off in their seperate directions. A simple dance had got Elitha thinking. How was it so easy and comfortable in Tobin's arms, in his presence, feeling so much like herself when she seemed to just feel as if she was putting on a show with Thayor. The comparison of the men on the dance floor made her wonder if she truly felt really anything for Thayor, simply swept up for a ride, playing a part.  It made her think....did she not love Lord Thayor? But more importantly, it seemed...did she love Tobin A'nver?

The End

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