Innocent Beginnings

Their relationship began innocently enough. After the few words and glances they exchanged at that private dinner, they would somehow draw to one another when both lingered at court. They would continue to exchange a brief conversation each time they met, whether it was alone or among many others.

It was not as if they were together always, speaking in constant bouts. Tobin had his respective positon at his uncle's side and the Princess had her own at the side of her father. It was not as if they thought much of the other, or the coincidential run-ins they had on occasions. Certainly Tobin admired the Princess and her unique easy manner and the Princess enjoyed the presence of Tobin. There was no thoughts of love between either of them - Tobin accepting that he would never be good enough and Elitha simply finding the developing friendship pleasing - so neither of them felt uncomfortable in the other's presence. Any of Tobin's worries of insulting the Princess melted in her company; her natural, graceful manner bringing about the best in him and banishing any earlier anxieties.

As their companionship deepened, Elitha fancied that she may be romantically inclined toward the handsome young man. He was smart, witty, and unafraid to be himself around her. Though did not press her in such a way, and she thought less and less of the idea, even when others in the court began to take note of their "accidental" meetings and their familial treatment of one another.

Even though he had made no advancing move toward the Princess, Tobin couldn't help feeling a slight disappointment that, as time moved on, Elitha was finding herself at the arm of another man - a more prominent young Lord looking to win her.  Sir Hurst even occasionally caught her attention, pursuing the place at her side, yet her eye was mainly attracted to Lord Thayor. Thayor was well-known around court for his excellence in dancing and the smoothness of his tongue, for pleasing ladies with a swooning smile and hunting recklessly over the hills at his expansive estate with his stylish horses and dogs. He had the highest of connections and his deceased father was formerly the fondest friend of King Lander. It did not take long for Thayor to sweep youthful Elitha off her feet - the match was predicted by all as a likely event, Thayor's courtship looked on favorably by the father.

Still Elitha valued the friendship she held with Tobin, and the enjoyment she gathered from his company despite being in Thayor's company much of the time. Whether they coincided in the halls, happened upon one another at court, or conversating even with Thayor in the mix, they showed an open warmth toward each other and their bond grew stronger as the days passed.

The End

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