A Fateful Meeting

In the regular appearance of things, it was an inconsequential dinner, formal and of usual presentation. Though it was enough for Fate to play her game.

The King and the ambitious business man talked much of the night, the two younger persons of the room nearly forgotten as they spoke of the country's own business. Easily heard was the extra dose of flattery in Sir Hurst's voice, putting forth his best facade to promote himself. It was clear to all participants of the supper that he was pushing for a title of some sort from the King.

It was simple for both Tobin and the Princess to grow bored, though the former had entertained himself mainly by studying Elitha from the corner of his eyes. After the Princess herself had grown tired of listening to Sir Hurst's contanst stream of self-proclamation, she turned her own interest upon Tobin, yet as both tried to observe one another, they tried hide it from the other. Though there happened to be the occasion when their eyes would meet, their gazes caught, and the Princess would give the slightest of smiles.  

After the rich dinner was complete, the Princess entertained them with a song, as was custom for the leading woman of any tradional Gherion household was to do during such a gathering. Tobin stood charmed, the trills of her lovely, melodic voice pleasing to his ears. Her voice rose in the perfect cresendo, her sweet lips forming each word in a graceful manner.

The small party then moved to the small parlor before the fire where they were offered delicate desserts and fine wines to match them. As his uncle concerned himself with the King, Tobin made his approach to the Princess.

"You have a beautiful voice, Princess," he offered, trying to balance acting in a manner that would be necessary around one of Royalty without being stiffly formal.

She smiled, the beautiful expression reaching her eyes. As they had been seated at the table earlier that night, she found great curiousity in him. He seemed extraordinarily handsome, with a dashing, intelligent eye and a strong face, with a tall, muscled build to match. She wondered why she had not taken note of him earlier.

He had given her something of an admiring glance in the most gallant of fashions, and there was seemed to be honesty and kindness in his simple compliment. There was a certain something that was different in this young man than many of the others she had encountered at court all her life, and she felt strangely comfortable around him although she did not even know his name.

"Thank you..." Elitha answered, hesistanting as if she was to say more. She then continued, somewhat embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I failed to catch your name all this while. What is your name?"

"Tobin A'nver," he replied with an easy, soft grin.

She smiled in return, feeling compelled to as if his own smile was contageous, so warm and genuine,"It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Tobin A'nver."

The End

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