Tobin resolved he would meet her, though such a thing was harder then he first anticipated. She would pass by him almost daily, an entourage of sorts clustered all around her like a protected circle of wall. Ladies-In-Waiting, servants, guardsmen, court Lords and Ladies wishing for a word with her. On occasions, as he was set at his little work desk before a window in Sir Hurst's makeshift office, he would catch a sight of her wandering the expansive courtyards and intricate gardens, sometimes alone and sometimes with others. He couldn't help putting aside his pen and his work, observing her with an admiration of sorts, wondering over her natural beauty and grace as she moved through beams of sunlight, passing over flowers which could only wilt in comparison to her jewed eyes and gentle expression.

It soon appeared an endeavor that was only a fantastical, unrealistic one. He was a no one in comparison to his uncle, and all else of the Royal Court, and he was well aware of Sir Hurst's own intentions. Indeed he wished to be appointed Naval Commander after Lord Abernacle's passing, and he too wished to find himself a wife. He admitted that Princess Elitha may be something of a stretch, but he couldn't help thinking of the opportunity that would come with such a match. Tobin was unsure his uncle was just talking or if he was seriously pondering the idea. It would be certainly advantageous to whoever won her--they may be King of Gherion one day in the event of her father's death. She was an only child, at least now that her elder sister had died, and if she married herhusband would be the only one eligible to take the throne, supposedly.

Why had he become so stricken in only a single glance? Never had he taken such an interest in a woman. He really knew nothing of her, and he was a fool for finding such an interest in her. Whenever he thought of it, he knew it was simply ridiculous. After a while of logical thinking, he disuaded himself from being so curious of her.  She was a Princess, likely not very interested in himself and not very interesting at all. Like many such Royals he had read about, she was probably a pretty facade and nothing else.

Yet that evening, he would receive an invitation adressed to his uncle offering a private dinner with the Royals,  bidding Tobin to come along as well. He couldn't help feel the slightest bit of excitement, his wonder of her only returning.

The End

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