The Nephew

It was supposed you could call Tobin A'nver Sir Hurst's assistant, an apprentice of sorts more or less, at his side always, catering to each need as he demanded it. Though in blood he was really the son of Sir Hurst's late sister, Lady Amaryl, and as a young orphan he fostered under his uncle's care. With no children of his own, he treated Tobin as he would a son, or nearly so, as he lacked that fatherly affection that normally came for a child, particularly one's only 'son'. Yet it may be a fraternal love in a certain fashion, as Sir Hurst was putting the young man through vigorous trainings to enable him to make something useful of his life, to set himself well off, or perhaps even have the capability to keep  the company running in case some misfortune should befall Sir Hurst one day. On occasions, Tobin would wonder if that was all he was to his self-centered uncle; a back-up plan just in case, at least until Sir Hurst married and had a son of his own.  His nephew knew that was clear in his path, or at least in his plans, though he could not help wondering why his uncle had not married sooner, always being quite famous with the ladies, always basking in their doting flirtations. Which, in some cases, turned to be a positive for his young, handsome nephew, for the uncle attracted a wonderful company of beautiful women at social events, during which Tobin, with dashing looks to rival those of the pompous, wealthy Sir Hurst, became a fine alternative to the many ladies, still extraodinarily handsome, who failed to capture Sir Hurst's arm.

Overall, Tobin lived a privileged life--his home was Sir Hurst's grand estate on the coast, or whichever place his uncle lived at the time, each of his needs was attended as if he was the man's son, and though his uncle treated him naught but a secretary or some lowly apprentice, his knowledge was great in many areas, his education unrivaled by any other man of his age, as was the social scene he attended alongside Sir Hurst. Despite all this, his true ambition was not to be a business man such like his uncle, or rather, he should wish to be like his uncle--in earlier days traveling the globe, adventuring the unknown crooks of the world, living on the seas as a sailor while journeying to a foreign land. Perhaps then he would settle down and build his reputation as his uncle had, but for now, his sights were set on breaking free of Sir Hurst's confinement and the limited experience of the city in which they lived. He wanted to see the world he had read about so many times, and make his marks in similar books to come.

At this moment, he stood at the back of his uncle, an onlooker, mainly unseen by anyone else. Though she barely had taken note of him, Tobin immeaditly beheld the Princess as soon as he entered the room, fancying her eyes had glimpsed him just for the briefest of moments. There was something about her quite beautiful, enchanting, almost, like some delicate Fae Queen seated upon her throne. Despite what appeared to be the fragile construction of her body, her face was strong and her eyes were brilliant, filled with knowlegde, curiousity, and hunger as she drank in the word Sir Hurst spoke. There was something in her that Tobin had not imagined, something he found, looking into her face, he desired to ascertain, as if she herself was a mysterious jewel of the world gone undiscovered. Tobin would come to say that this first impression was love at first sight, though at the time he did not believe in such a foolish idea or thought of such a thing standing right before her, entranced. Though there was really no other way to describe it.

It was a fatal glance - a thing that would change both of their lives and make ruin of their hearts.


The End

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