A Curious Sensibility

 When Elitha learned of the arrival of Sir Hurst and the presentation that was soon to follow, she felt an excitement for the next court procession more then she had ever experienced for similar court proceedings. It was common knowledge that Sir Hurst was the director of a grand fleet of ships which circled the world, and brought to their nation a great many products from across the world, including the information and tales to come with it.  In the past, Sir Hurst had done some travelling himself, yet his wealth grew so that he felt no need to adventure, it was supposed. He now spent all of his time in southern Gherion along the coast, directing his fleet as a business man.

With her eagerness for knowledge of the outside world, Elitha was curious to see if this man of such reputation, almost a dealer of information of sorts, would tell such stories that she had only read about in her library books. It was also rumored that striking Sir Hurst was looking for both a job and a wife--despite his middle-age, he was thought to be a sought-after bachelor with all the money and influence that came with his name. Too it was thought that he was looking for a position commanding Gherion's Navy, and it was reasoned that was why he came for a visit with the King and his Court. Such an idea created a great hustle within the Court in the past few days.

"I hope this does not take too too long," murmured her father as they were waiting to make their customary entrance in the Grand Hall. "I have a great many things to do."

"What do you mean?" Elitha returned. "Won't you find it completely interesting?"

"I have met Sir Hurst before, quite a few times, and he is well known to me to be a great salesperson, especially of himself and his own interests, obviously. He is only interested in putting on a good show to present and advance himself."

"Even so," his daughter said. "Shouldn't he present us with some things of interest....word of places afar and sorts, useful facts, even if it is part of his own show?" 

"Nothing that I do not already know, I am most inclined to believe," King Lander paused, glancing down to his daughter with an amused smile, soft, admiring eyes, "You are so similar to your Mother; the same adventurous, curious sensiblity."

Elitha smiled slightly, uncertain of what to reply. She wished she could understand what he meant, see what he saw in her. But she was never to meet her mother, and she was never to see herself through the eyes of her father.


Sir Hurst entered the Grand Hall to stand before them, what was assumed to be a young secretary at his side. All eyes centered around the prominent man's chiseled expression, beaming eyes, the proud pout plastered permanently upon his face. He spoke with a loud, bravado voice that echoed off of the walls, each word picked up by Elitha and the audience before him.

But, strangely, her interest would soon turn upon the man who appeared to be Sir Hurst's assistant, the shadow gone unnoticed behind his master's back.

The End

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