A Heart Forever Broken

The story of Queen Elitha, the mother of Princess Cassandra in relation to the story "Her Path".



Early Days


Looking back, my earliest days were my fairest. I was young, carefree, and had everything in the world at my disposal....I was foolish, naive, and unbeknown to the fate that lay ahead of me, and the real world beyond the dreamy, perfect fairytale in which I lived. Some days, I find myself in regret for allowing myself such liberty of feeling, freedom of passion dooming me to heartbreak in my later years. On the other hand, I wouldn't give anything for those few happy, early days.

Golden rays slanted through her tall bedroom windows overlooking the courtyard, a bird singing merrily in the prim garden trees below. Elitha stood from her chair, the happy little song beckoning her over to the sills.  She carefully unlatched the glass panes and flung them open, allowing the fresh morning breeze to ruffle her hair and awaken her to the new day.

A knock at her door made her turn, beckoning the caller to enter. She was not surprised that it was her lady-in-waiting, the Countess Therimal Hynd'l, ready to prepare the young Princess for the day ahead.

Therimal in her gentle way began to comb Elitha's hair, sweetly inquiring after her night of sleep. Since the death of Elitha's dearest elder sister Cassandra, the Countess had become closer to her than ever before. In the Princess' times of weaknesses, Therimal could always be counted on to support her in only the way a sister could, the wound in Elitha's heart left by Cassandra slightly stifled and comforted by her lady-in-waiting's kindly, ever-loyal presence.

It was not long before Elitha was out on her day, wandering between socializing with the highest court laides, strolling the garden paths, and doing almost everything else a young royal should. In years past, she had done much of what she pleased,  easily at enteraining herself should she become bored. Since coming of age, Elitha had stepped into the tedious role of step-Queen, as her mother had passed when she was too young to remember her, and Cassandra was now gone. The adventurous, day-dreamy Princess found it hard to keep from tiring in the presence of flittery, gossiping ladies, uninteresting, formal men, forced, in her station, to be some statuesque, quiet, proper presentation at her father's side at all occasions.  She would much rather be scrolling through the library books, adventuring through the palace orchards and even beyond the garden walls....doing various things she would enjoy instead.

Elitha shifted in her throne as her father droned on beside her. How she loved him, but at times he could bore her out of her mind.


The End

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