A heart as clean as the colour white

Angela moves to a different country, where people are neglectful and evil.

  As the sun beamed on me, my heart flushed in sudden pain as i stepped into hell which was my new high school. People surrounded me like i was an enemy, I was the fly and they were the spiders.  In the inner depths of my heart something stood out, it was not fear, but it was the angel inside me. Ever since i was a kid i was pushed aside because i was different.. I was not one bit like the others, The only word that described me was loneliness.. Every now and then people tease me but it doesn't hurt like it used to because i'm used to it. Here i was, trapped again.. They've caught me and i am close to an end. The girl with a big grin on her face made faces at me.. Obviously, the way i dressed and looked tempted people to do or say something to me. ''Who are you, you weirdo?'' Asked the leader of the crowd. The silence was comfortable for me because i never was the one to speak a lot in my entire life. ''She wont speak, shes too scared of you'' remarked a boy with spiky hair. The crowd suddenly fell quiet. The faces stared at me and i knew exactly what they were thinking.. I was the new toy to be broken. ''Come on speak, we won't do anything harmless to you'' babbled a beautiful, ginger girl with emerald green eyes. Harmless, i thought.. that word haunted me but never touched my heart. ''Your hideous!'' yelled a girl with pin straight black hair. I thought for a moment, i've heard that word millions of times but i could not understand why they called me that. My heart was as soft as silk and as clean as the colour white.. People in my world don't care what your heart looks like, As long as your cruel and evil you'll be counted as human.

The End

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