What a Twist (cont. from page 15)

That whore. I never would have thought that it was her. All these years of pretending to be in love with my husband must have been a huge facade for her murderous ways. I don't know how they found out that it was her, but I was just glad that I could leave jail.

The guard and my lawyer escorted me to a holding room and set down a stack of paperwork almost as tall as me. Obviously this is an exaggeration, but it took us a solid hour to get through my all of the paperwork until I could be released. 

When we were finally allowed out of the building, I got into my lawyer's car and was overcome with a feeling of relief. Which turned to pure panic when my lawyer pulled off his what I thought was his face, and revealed that it was in fact my husband's lover. "I'm gonna kill you just like I did your husband, but in due time," as she pulled out a .44 magnum from under the seat. "Now shut up and act normal." 

The End

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